Who we are

Daje a ride!

Ape Cesare is the first Roman street food in Milan, born from the desire to export the quality of food and the spirit of the capital.

When Ale moved to Milan in 2016, the thing he missed most was our beloved supplì. And because he just couldn't be without them, the idea of an Ape that would go around the city, selling them in itinerant form, was born.

Thus was born the first food truck, from which we also took the name. White and red like the Latin toga and with a big laurel wreath.

Slowly appreciating our supplì were more and more people. So products on our menu also increased. 

Real and tasty, consisting of supplì, sandwiches, burgers, snacks and treats. All strictly in a Roman key.

Come visit us at one of our stores or plan an event with us.